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For a perfect finish on any lawn!
Its unique design guarantees a manicured finish and overall increased productivity.
Seven different reasons add up to make the Walker Mower one of the most productive mowers on the market.

Agile: complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
Balance: Move efficiently on flat ground or slopes.
Compact: small footprint to get in and out of tight places.
Reach: Trim in hard to get to places.
Steering: goes where you want it with little effort.
Trimming: Fast, easy and accurate.
View: Comfortable, safe operation and beautiful cut.
Safest zero turn mower on slopes.The out-front advantage.

  • Beautiful cut- Striping is done naturally, without the use of a roller wheel.
  • Accessible – Get where you need to go on the lawn with the tilt-up body & deck.
  • Versatile – The walker line is like no other, designed to meet your needs – at any time of the year.

The low centre of gravity means excellent staidly on slopes.
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