TeeJet® is a major supplier of spraying accessories & components to Dalby Mower Supplies. Croplands is a preffered supplier to Dalby Mower Supplies and is one of the largest stockists of TeeJet®’s range in Australasia, and uses a large portion of their range in the manufacture of spraying machinery, as well as supplying a network of resellers numbering several thousand throughout both New Zealand & Australia.

A brief overview of the range of products Croplands carries is set out below:

  • A full selection of broadcast, banding, special application, turf, orchard & vine and liquid fertiliser nozzles
  • Nozzle bodies, fittings, caps, seals, adaptors, clamps and other boom fittings
  • Spray guns, pressure regulators, filters, spray lances and manual valves
  • Electric spray controllers, auto-rate controllers, electric valves & components
  • Technical catalogues & promotional material
  • Spare parts for all Teejet®’s range

TeeJet® produce an excellent catalogue, available for free from Croplands. They also have an extensive website, accessible at www.teejet.com which has all the information on their products & services.

We have included a few pages of technical information, taken directly from TeeJet®’s latest catalogue, on our website. These pages are in the TeeJet® folder & labelled as follows:

  1.  Broadcast Nozzle Selection Guide – a guide to using TeeJet®’s range of Broadcast nozzles
  2. Specialty Application Nozzle Selection Guide – a guide to banding, directed spraying & mechanical air-assisted nozzles
  3. Turfgrass Nozzle Selection Guide – a guide to turfgrass application nozzles
  4.  Liquid Fertiliser Nozzle Selection Guide – a guide to liquid fertiliser options
  5. Droplet & Drift Information – BCPC classification in accordance with ASAE Standard S-572 for TeeJet® nozzles
  6. Drift Causes & Control – information on drift and drift control
  7.  Spray Tip ware & Distribution Quality – a useful technical page outlining how to access spray tip wear and the distribution issues involved with spray tip wear
  8. Technical Details – formulas, nozzle spacings and coverage information
  9.  Area Measurements – A step-by-step chart for broadcast or banding applications
  10. Sprayer Calibration & Accessories – A step-by-step chart for broadcast or banding applications

Area Measurements[194 kb pdf]
Broadcast Nozzle Selection Guide[199 kb pdf]
Drift Causes & Control[863 kb pdf]
Droplet and Drift Information[654 kb pdf]
Liquid Fertiliser Nozzle Selection Guide [91 kb pdf]
Speciality Application Nozzle Selection Guide [217 kb pdf]
Spray Tip Wear and Distribution Quality [624 kb pdf]
Sprayer Calibration and Accessories [603 kb pdf]
Technical Details [691 kb pdf]
Turfgrass Nozzle Selection Guide [190 kb pdf]

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