Excellent UV resistance.
Complies to Australian Standard AS2070 (non toxic food grade).
Non toxic, suitable for food contact.
Suitable for contact with air, oil, petrol and kerosene.
Has a broad chemical resistance.
Manufactured with a 4:1 safety factor (burst pressure is four times greater than working pressure)
Metre marked to make measuring and cutting easier.


Inner core: Clear PVC with a smooth finish.
Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn with red tracer.
Outer Cover: UV stabilised blue tint PVC with a smooth finish.

Nom ID Nom OD Working Pressure @ 20°c    Lengths
6mm 12mm                   1.6 Mpa          20m, 100m
8mm 14.6mm                   1.6 Mpa          20m, 100m
10mm 16.2mm                   1.6 Mpa      20m, 100m, 300m
12.5mm 18.9mm                   1.6 Mpa      20m, 100m, 200m
16mm 23mm                   1.6 Mpa           20m, 100m
20mm 28mm                    1.6 Mpa           20m, 100m
25mm 34mm                    1.4 Mpa            20m, 100m
32mm 42mm                    1.2 Mpa            20m, 60m
38mm 50.9mm                    1.2 Mpa           20m, 60m
50mm 63mm                    0.9 Mpa           20m, 40m

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