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8″ submersible borehole pump manufactured from corrosion and abrasion resistant 316 stainless steel.Close coupled to Nema standard submersible electric motor.
Designed for flow rates to 120 m3/hr, from a standard 8″ ID bore casing. Max Heads of 500 metres.Motor Power: 7.5kW – 110kW Efficiencies up to 80%.
Suitable for applications such as : Water supply, Turf watering, Irrigation, Mine dewatering, Water treatment.


Advanced stainless steel manufacturing technology with state of the art stainless steel, complete 316SS hydraulic design provides high efficiency pump design, flexible stage construction and unique sand handling capabilities.
High efficiency impeller design, radial flow impeller for 18 & 27m3/hr and axial flow impeller for 45 & 60m3/hr providing maximum efficiency, reduced power consumption and maximum performance from 6″ ID bore.
Fluted silicon carbide / polyurethane bearings and floating PTFE neck rings provides wear resistance for longer pump life and unique sand handling capabilities.
Check valve assembly incorporated into discharge head and stainless steel upthrust washer for pump & motor protection and horizontal or vertical operation.
Hexagonal shaft design, single outer casing and flexible stage design provides maximum pump strength & operating pressure, matched pump performance and easy to install & service.

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