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T-Bolt Clamps

Breeze provides comprehensive application coverage with stainless steel T-Bolt, spring-loaded T-Bolt manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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– High strength clamping.
– Available in standard or with spring design for constant tension.
– Full range of sizes and materials.
– Custom O.E.M. designs available.

Heavy Duty Clamps – Bigger, heavier and stronger than our premium aircraft-grade Aero-Seal

Standard T-Bolts — TB series
-Floating bridge liner
– Reliable, heavy duty method of assembling hose ducting connections and tubing.
– Available in a wide variety of materials, band widths and sizes.
Spring-Loaded T-Bolts — B9224 & B9226 series
B9224 – Heavy Duty Large Spring
B9226 – Standard Small Spring
– Designed to compensate for thermal expansion of hose or fitting connections.
– Used on applications such as charge air cooling systems.

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